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Discover Jack Jeanne, One of 2023’s Outstanding Games

Jack Jeanne
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As the year winds to a close, everyone is ushering out their best-of lists for 2023. One would be remiss not to mention a true standout from the past year in Jack Jeanne, a dramatic adventure from the mind of Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida. With an unforgettable story and inventive hybrid gameplay, this should top your list of Switch games to get your hands on as soon as possible. 

Jack Jeanne features a branching narrative path that steers Kisa from the early days of fulfilling her acting ambitions at prestigious All Boys Univeil Drama School to the intense final performance that puts everything on the line. Live through the drama and excitement as Kisa is tasked with concealing her identity as a girl the entire time and being chosen as the lead in that climactic show. 

Beyond traversing your own unique paths throughout the story, you’ll be able to take on the class activities of your choosing and engage in exciting rhythm game sections. Come for the gripping visual novel storytelling and stay for the performances of a lifetime! 

Jack Jeanne is available in a variety of editions, including Standard, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Much like the game itself, you’ll need to choose your own path, and there’s no wrong answer here. Order a copy of Jack Jeanne on Nintendo Switch today and find out why it quickly became so highly regarded. 

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