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Director Says KamiErabi GOD.App Will Be Like a Non-Japanese Person Making Anime

Members of the crew for the upcoming anime KamiErabi GOD.App attended San Diego Comic-Con and spoke to the press. This included creator Yoko Taro (who is known for working on the NieR franchise), director Hiroyuki Seshita (who helmed Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters) and character designer Atsushi Ohkubo (who is best known as the mangaka of Soul Eater and Fire Force).

The anime is going to be different from your typical anime, as the point was to create it as if it were a non-Japanese person attempting to create an anime. In this sense, Seshita compared the show to a California roll, because it is “fake, an imitation, but with its own style to it.” The others laughed, and this comparison calling the anime “fake” isn’t meant to be an insult. Seshita continued, “To a Japanese person [a California roll] is not sushi, it is not authentic. And yet, it is super delicious.”

The show is being written by Jin, who commented that while it’s a death game series, there’s more to it than violence. “[The series] has to do with the reason behind our existence, more than with the game or the enemy.” Jin also noted, “We’re talking about adolescents here [as the main characters], so every character has secret desires and impulses. This is a story where everything has to be put out there, where the characters aren’t hiding their sins.”

“I felt like doing that allowed us to develop the characters and build an interesting story, because the color palettes represent something about each character,” remarked Ohkubo about the character design.

And Taro said, “There’s this idea that the protagonist has to be a hero, and we didn’t want to go in that direction. This is about just normal people who are kind of anti-hero types. It’s not like they’re cool, they’re kind of shady. They’re kind of doing things that don’t look good from other people’s perspective.”

If all goes well, KamiErabi GOD.App ought to premiere in October.

Source: IGN