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Danjo no Yujo wa Seiritsu Suru? (Iya, Shinai!!) Anime Confirms TV Format

Danjo no Yujo wa Seiritsu Suru?

An anime adaptation was announced for the Danjo no Yujo wa Seiritsu Suru? (Iya, Shinai!!) light novel series back in August 2022, and now it has been confirmed as a TV anime. The broadcast series is being produced by J.C.Staff, and original light novel author Nana Nanana and illustrator Parum expressed their excitement in a new celebratory illustration.

Danjo no Yujo wa Seiritsu Suru? (Iya, Shinai!!) follows shy plant-loving boy Yuu and the cheery girl Himari as they become lifelong friends in a small town. Yuu even says he’ll marry Yuu if he doesn’t find a wife by the time he’s 30. At this point the two are best friends in their high school gardening club, but their relationship begins to change as Yuu finds himself reconnecting with his first crush. 

In addition to the light novel series—of which seven volumes have been released thus far—there’s also a manga adaptation featuring illustrative work by Kamelie. Stay tuned for more on the anime adaptation as it’s announced. 

Via Crunchyroll News