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College Students Reveal How Many Series They Watch Per Season

Here’s an interesting use of polling: college student-centric site Gakumado has asked its readers how many series they keep up with per “cour,” or quarterly anime season. How do these college-age anime fans’ viewing habits align with yours?

Question: how many anime series do you watch per season?


Two (20.2%)
One (15.9%)
Three (14.4%)
Four (7.9%)
Five (7.2%)

Some of the reasons given for watching two series:

“I’m usually interested in about 2 or 3 shows [per season]” (female, 20)
“I try to whittle it down to the stuff I think looks most interesting” (male, 20)

Though most respondents watch relatively few shows per season, one 23-year-old student claimed he watches 20, commenting “I try to really fight through and watch everything.”

Good man.

Of the 277 students polled, 144 were male and 133 were female.

Keep in mind, too, that the people polled were anime fans, specifically – otherwise, we have a feeling the average would be a lot closer to “zero.”

How many series do you watch per person?

Source: Gakumado, Yaraon

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