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Online Convention Cloud Matsuri Announced for May 30-31

Online Convention Cloud Matsuri Announced for May 30-31Time for a matsuri.

COVID-19 lockdowns have forced most anime conventions for the foreseeable future to cancel. That’s led to a new phenomenon: the online con.

We’ve already seen a few fan conventions take place on the ‘net, and Funimation has announced its own online con for July. Now All the Anime, also known as Anime Limited, the UK’s largest anime distributor, is getting in on the game.

Their online convention is called Cloud Matsuri, and it’s set to take place May 30 and 31. It’ll take the form of a free livestream that starts in the afternoon for those in the UK and the morning for those in the US.

So far, guests include Science Saru CEO Eunyoung Choi, Studio Orange president Eiji Inomoto, Polygon Pictures president Shuzo Shiota and Groundworks/Gainax CEO Yasuhiro Kamimura.

The con will also feature an online cosplay masquerade and artist alley. It’ll also feature a look at the gameplay of the upcoming Fairy Tail RPG.

Be sure to check the official Cloud Matsuri site for more details as the date approaches.

Source: ANN

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