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Check Out This Awesome Luffy Gear 5 Rice Paddy Art

one piece rice paddy

Rice paddy art is an amazing process with stunning results, and something special came out to celebrate One Piece from Inakadate village, located in Aomori Prefecture. The village is famous for its elaborate rice paddy works, with the latest going the extra mile to form an illustration of Luffy in his Gear 5 form, which is about to make its anime debut.

It takes several months of growing to reach this point, and around 263 high school student volunteers chipped in to make it happen. Here’s a video looking at the painstaking production:

If you’re all caught up on One Piece or just want to see what all the commotion is about, the big Gear 5 episode is set to broadcast this weekend. Here’s how Crunchyroll describes the series:

Monkey. D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become the king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous waters of the Grand Line and beyond, this is one captain who’ll never give up until he’s claimed the greatest treasure on Earth: the Legendary One Piece!

Via Crunchyroll News