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Check Out the English Dub Cast for MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLES

MASHLE: Magic and Muscles

The anime MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLES started on April 7 and Crunchyroll is streaming it as it comes out in Japan. However, if you’ve been looking for the English dub to watch it, you don’t have much longer to wait! The first English-dubbed episode will hit the streaming site this Friday, May 26.

It had already been revealed that Aleks Le will play main character Mash Burnedead, and Crunchyroll has announced more of the cast: Stephen Fu plays Lance, Brian Anderson plays Finn, Anjali Kunapaneni plays Lemon, and Ben Diskin plays Dot.

The anime is made at A-1 Pictures, with Tomoya Tanaka of Engage Kiss helming the project as director. The music has been composed by Masaru Yokoyama, known for working on Aoashi. Yosuke Kuroda is credited with series composition. BLUELOCK prop designer Hisashi Tojima was tasked with character design, working with imagery from the original manga by Hajime Komoto. The manga is available in America through VIZ Media and SHUEISHA’s MANGA Plus service.

Crunchyroll gave this description of the anime:

“This is a world of magic.

This is a world in which magic is casually used by everyone.

In a deep, dark forest in this world of magic, there is a boy who is singlemindedly working out.

His name is Mash Burnedead, and he has a secret. He can’t use magic.

All he wanted was to live a quiet life with his family, but people suddenly start trying to kill him one day and he somehow finds himself enrolled in Magic School. There, he sets his sights on becoming a ‘Divine Visionary,’ the elite of the elite.

Will his ripped muscles work against the best and brightest of the wizarding world?

The curtain rises on this off-kilter magical fantasy in which the power of being jacked crushes any spell!”

Source: ANN, Crunchyroll


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