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Cat Shit One Hits the Fan on July 17

Pardon my French, but no amount of censoring will change the facts of which you’re already well aware. Cat Shit One (AKA Apocalypse Meow) is a very real thing, and it’s coming our way for free via YouTube on July 17.

Based on Motofumi Kobayashi’s manga, Cat Shit One makes graphic depictions of war seem oddly cuddly by swapping out humans for adorable critters. These animals are still waging a very serious war, though, and as you can see here, there will be blood.

You can peep the new trailer in all its RPG-blasting goodness below. Though the video here isn’t subtitled, it’s unclear whether or not The Animated Series debut and subsequent episodes will be subbed in English. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, because I’m hoping it will be.

So, who’s your favorite? I’m immediately a fan of the gruff but cute Packy. How can I resist!?

Source [Japanator]