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Cartooner Comic-Drawing Game Joins Mangaka on Shelves

Disclosure: Cartooner‘s co-designer Jason Thompson is the manga editor for Otaku USA magazine.


Around this time last year we posted about Cartooner, a tabletop game that promised an American comic-themed followup to the manga-drawing game Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics. The project was a success on Kickstarter, and now the final product is available for purchase.

Cartooner comes with 136 Theme Cards, all featuring the beautiful artwork of Konstantin Pogorelov. Whether you want to play with friends and have fun with all the available themes or use the prompts as practice in solo mode, Cartooner has something for all levels of artists and non-artists alike.

You can find out more information on the official website, and copies are available to purchase via Japanime Games.



  • 136 Theme Cards giving you fertile material for comic-making, such as Desire to Save the World, Haunted Houses, Reality Television, The World’s Greatest Assassin, Pirates, Dinosaurs, Obnoxious Neighbors and more
  • 52 Theme Cards bringing new and interesting ways to get Fame: Superheroes, Mutants, Destiny, Disasters, Nature, Funny Animals and many more. Play it safe and tell the story you want to tell, or gamble it all with high-value, high-risk cards like Deadline and Movie Deal!
  • Fame Tokens and 64 pages of Drawing Paper (download more here)
  • Completely compatible with Mangaka