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Capcom Shows off Street Fighter X Tekken

The sound of fans cheering on Ryu should be a familiar noise now that the fourth iteration of Capcom’s venerable Street Fighter series has had plenty of time to become a fixture of the community. The cheers at this year’s Comic-Con, however, egged on our hero as he went against a foe both old and new.

The latest from Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono, Street FIghter X Tekken does exactly what you think it would, pitting two very disparate sides against one another in the type of brawling at which Capcom excels.

What might make this much more exciting to some than your typical Capcom vs. game is the way it appears to adhere to the SFIV style, dramatic supers and all. Fans of Tekken need not moan and groan, though, as Namco is also developing Tekken X Street Fighter, which will play like their side of the coin.

While the official trailer is embedded below, it’s mostly artsy fluff. I urge you to scroll even further down to check out the footage recorded from the panel at SDCC.


Source [Capcom Unity]