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Bungo Stray Dogs Shares Visual, Season 4 Cast Info

bungo stray dogs season 4

The people behind the Bungo Stray Dogs anime shared a new visual for the fourth season and also talked about the actors who will be playing younger versions of characters. This visual is founded on “The Untold Origins of the Detective Agency” from the light novels.

As for the cast announcements, Hiroshi Kamiya plays a younger Edogawa Ranpo, Rikiya Koyama plays a younger Yukichi Fukuzawa, and Yūto Uemura plays a younger Oda Sakunosuke.

Looking toward other members of the cast, Akio Ohtsuka plays Genichirō Fukuchi, Makoto Koichi plays Teruko Ōkura, Takehito Koyasu plays Nikolai G, Takeshi Kusao plays Mushitarō Oguri, Yuuki Kaji plays Saigiku Jōno, Yōhei Azakami plays Tecchō Suehiro, and Shōya Chiba plays Sigma.

Season 4 debuted yesterday on Crunchyroll. People in Japan have multiple channels where they can watch it: TOKYO MX channel, WOWOW, Sun TV, TV Aichi, KBS Kyoto, and BS11. The anime is being made at BONES, with Takuya Igarashi helming the project as the director. Yoji Enokido is the writer and series scripts supervisor. Credit for character design and chief animation direction both go to Nobuhiro Arai.

The opening theme song is titled “True Story” and performed by SCREEN mode. Meanwhile, the ending theme song is titled “Shirushi/°C” and performed by Luck Life.

Both the light novel and manga series are published in English by Yen Press. Yen Press gave this description for the first manga volume:

“Having been kicked out of the orphanage, a despairing young man by the name of Atsushi Nakajima rescues a strange man from a suicide attempt–Osamu Dazai. Turns out that Dazai is part of an armed-detective agency staffed by individuals whose supernatural powers take on a literary bent!”

The manga originally began publication in Young Ace magazine (from Kadokawa) just over ten years ago, in December 2012. It is continuing to be published.

Source: ANN

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