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Bruce Willis Plays Doraemon in 5G Softbank Ad

Bruce Willis Plays Doraemon in 5G Softbank AdY’all know Doraemon, right? The blue robot cat from the future beloved by generations of Japanese kids?

Softbank, one of Japan’s leading cell phone carriers, has recruited Doraemon as part of its 5G rollout—and they’ve thought pretty far outside the box in terms of casting.

Playing Doraemon is none other than Bruce Willis in a blue hoodie. In the ad, the Softbank regulars (including famous talking dog Otosan) are sitting around talking about 5G, when Dorae-Bruce busts through the ceiling and insists he’s Doraemon. When he realizes he’s got the wrong house, he dons Doraemon’s iconic Bamboo Copter and takes off as Otosan yells, “but what about our roof?!”

Man, we can’t decide if this ad is truly dumb or truly inspired!

Anyway, enjoy the ad, and then stick around for several minutes of behind-the-scenes footage of Bruce Willis acting in front of a green screen.

Source: Comic Natalie

Matt Schley

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