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Boruto Gets His Own Monthly Manga in Spring

Naruto fans can look forward to the return of regular adventures with the announcement of a monthly manga based on Naruto’s son, Boruto. The “Next Generation” countdown ended, revealing Boruto as a regular series by Mikio Ikemoto, who served as one of series creator Masashi Kishimoto’s assistants. Kishimoto is lined up to supervise the manga, with scripting by Ukyō Kodahi (Naruto – Gaara Hiden: Sajingensō novel, cooperation on the Boruto -Naruto the Movie- screenplay).

Boruto is set to kick off in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in spring 2016, with new chapters published each month. You don’t need to worry about missing out either, because Viz Media already announced plans to simulpub the manga in its English digital version of Jump

Viz will also publish an upcoming Boruto one-shot manga that Masashi Kishimoto is handling himself. Kishimoto’s one-shot was announced during a stage event at Jump Festa, and it’s also set to arrive in spring.

Via Anime News Network