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Blogwatch: English Interview with Kazuo Umezu

Tokyo Scum Brigade is another one of those killer blogs like Same Hat that everyone would do well to keep an eye on. They post a ton of great Japanese obscurities that would do a smashing job of titillating many of our readers, but perhaps most intriguingly, these guys have been charging forth on the Kazuo Umezu frontlines like no others.

They recently visited the famed Makoto-Chan House, its garish red-and-white stripes serving as the perfect dwelling for the legendary mangaka, famous for bold titles like Cat-Eyed Boy and The Drifting Classroom. In what may just be the first English interview with Umezz, they explore everything from the beginning of his interest in manga and beyond, offering a rare peek into his mind.

It’s a great read, and there are currently three of five parts available on the blog. Bookmark it and be sure to keep an eye on this fascinating series. Start here!

Tokyo Scum Brigade