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Billboard Japan’s Hot 100: Best Anisongs Edition

Ever wonder which anime songs are the most popular in Japan? Every Wednesday, Billboard Japan updates their Hot 100 list, to include the most popular J-Pop and anime theme songs of the week.   

This time, we are treated to an extensive list filled with artists well known for their contribution to favorable anime OPs. To determine what songs featured on the Hot 100 list, Billboard describes their selection process as “a comprehensive song chart consisting of eight types of data: CD sales, downloads, streaming, radio playback, video playback, lookups (number of CDs read to PC), tweets, and karaoke. Updated every Wednesday.” 

Ready to discover your new favorite J-Pop song? Take a listen to the following songs loved by anime fans.

Official Hige Dandism 

Official Hige Dandism takes the cake for a group dominating the charts. With seven singles ranking #67 and above, it’s obvious this year they are the most popular band by a longshot. You’ll recognize Mixed Nuts (#13) from SPYxFAMILY and Cry Baby (#67) from Tokyo Revengers. This year, the latest season of Tokyo Revengers OP White Noise ranks #14.

Check out Official Hige Dandism’s other J-Pop singles: 


This wouldn’t be an anisong list without YOASOBI. Currently, Blessing (#24) of Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury holds the highest ranking of the artist’s singles. YOASOBI is loved across Japan and international borders, even two years Monster (#89), Beastars OP, ranks consistently on the Hot 100. Infiltrating both otaku culture and general Japanese society, we expect to see them ranking on this list for a long time.

Find your new favorite YOASOBI songs here: 

Chainsaw Man Singles

The anime community (and beyond) felt the power of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man, that’s including its earwormy songs. Episode one currently has both OP and ED songs ranking on Billboard. KickBack (#4) by Kenshi Yonezu took over our digital radio waves by storm the moment it premiered and months later it still takes one of the top five spots week after week. Chainsaw Blood (#94) along with Chu Tayousei (#71) are the two ending singles from episode one and episode seven, respectively, that represent the anime each week.

One Piece Film: Red

Released November 4, 2023, the movie Red saw large audiences across the globe. One of the film’s main characters, Uta, backed up by the singing voice of Ado, currently holds four spots. New Genesis (#11), I’m Invincable (#35), Back Light (#64), and Fleeting Lullaby (#81).

“Gomen” Sorry for Being So Cute

Okay, ya got me, this may not be a conventional anime, but HoneyWorks most popular song to date, based on YouTube views, Sorry for Being So Cute (#61) has infiltrated social media for months even influencing a dance dedicated by TikTok creators. “Chuu-tan” from the TV 12-episode anime, Heroine Taru Mono! The Unpopular Girl and the Secret Task has captured hearts thanks to her cute voice (Kapi) and unapologetic lyrics.

More Notable Anisongs

What anisong do you predict will make Billboard Japan’s Hot 100?

Brianna Fox-Priest

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