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The Best Studio Ghibli Movie Meals, According to Japanese Teen Girls

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Studio Ghibli movies are lovingly animated through and through, and that definitely applies to any depictions of food. So many of the meals in Ghibli films look like they could hop right off the screen and into your mouth, so Baidu Japan’s social media app Simeji decided to conduct a poll to find out which meals Japanese teen girls would most want to eat.

From February 3-13, a total of 1,696 girls between the ages of 13-19 responded to the poll, and here are the top 10 results.

10. Kiki’s Delivery ServicePumpkin and Herring Pie

9. Castle in the Sky – Sheeta’s Stew
8. Spirited Away – The Giant Anman Bun Given by Rin
7. Spirited Away – The Squishy Transparent thing Chihiro’s Dad Ate
6. My Neighbor TotoroSatsuki’s Bento Box
5. Howl’s Moving CastleBacon and Eggs

4. Spirited Away – Haku’s Onigiri
3. Castle in the Sky – Sunny-side Up Fried Egg Bread
2. Kiki’s Delivery Service – Chocolate Cake
1. Ponyo – Ham Ramen

Which of these meals looked most appetizing to you in their respective movies?

Source: Cinema Today via Crunchyroll