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Japanese Fans Rank the Best Live-Action Adaptations of 2018

Japanese Fans Rank the Best Live-Action Adaptations of 2018Pop quiz: what’s something that’s normally pretty awful, but sometimes surprisingly good? Live-action manga and anime adaptations, that’s what.

Japanese site Ranking! (can you guess what they specialize in?) recently asked 7,880 readers to list the live-action films based on manga or anime they found least offensive from 2018. Many of these films don’t have an English release (yet), but this list may help you weed out the good from the bad when you’re in the mood for a live-action flick.

Anyway, here’s Japan’s top 10:

10. Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A
9. Principal Koisuru Watashi wa Heroine desu ka?
8. Impossibility Defense
7. After the Rain
6. My Little Monster

5. Saint Young Men

4. Marmalade Boy

3. Inuyashiki

2. Gintama 2

1. Chihayafuru: Musubi

What recent live-action adaptations have you found surprisingly watchable?

Source: Ranking! via ANN

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