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Beautiful Bones Anime Reveals Its Secrets on Blu-ray & DVD

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What kind of story does each human skeleton have to tell? Can our very bones unlock secrets that might otherwise remain buried forever? These are the types of questions best left to Sakurako Kujo, whose huge collection of bones just scratches the surface of her deep obsession. See how that fixation mixes with murders and other mysteries in

now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Sakurako is odd enough on her own, but she’s an even stranger person for a high school student like Shotaro Tatewaki to hang out with on a regular basis. Together they have an unnatural penchant for discovering dead bodies, and the truth behind those bodies is rarely what it seems.

While Shotaro spends half his time apologizing for Sakurako’s quirky behavior, the two manage to catch clues and secrets that even the police have missed. This opens the door for everything from missing persons to seemingly cursed paintings and the solving of long-dormant cases, proving that you never know what kind of trouble may arise from an otherwise innocent set of bones.

Based on the mystery novels by Shiori Ōta, Beautiful Bones is a hidden anime gem worth investigating. Makoto Katō (episodes of Btooom!, Aldnoah.Zero) directs the series, with Takayo Ikami (Yurikuma Arashi, Penguindrum) on series composition for the TROYCA production. You’ll find all 12 episodes, as well as clean versions of the opening and closing animation, on

so go ahead and pick up this case before it goes cold.

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