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Attack on Titan Director Teases Godzilla Plans

Shinji Higuchi, the director and special effects master whose live-action Attack on Titan adaptation hit theaters this past weekend, is set to co-direct a new Godzilla movie, the first made in Japan in 12 years, with Evangelion director Hideaki Anno.

With filming set to get underway next month, Higuchi sat down with the AP and shared some thoughts on what kind of film he’s out to make.

Higuchi, whose filmography as a special effects supervisor includes the 1990s Gamera films, Godzilla 1985, and Japan Sinks, said he is confident he is “among the top-50 lovers of Godzilla in the world.”

He said that unlike the Godzilla of the 1960s and 70s, who became a kind of cuddly hero, his Godzilla will go back to the seriousness of the 1954 original.

Some are worried about comparisons to last year’s Hollywood Godzilla film, which sported a huge budget unavailable to Japanese filmmakers.

Higuchi plans to use a hybrid of CG and actors interacting with miniatures to bring his Godzilla to life, much like his work on Attack on Titan.

As fans of guys in suits stomping on miniature buildings, all we can say is: go go Higuchi.

Source: ABC News/AP

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