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Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki’s Conjecture Manga Mixes Folklore and Handsome Men

Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki’s Conjecture is a manga based on a light novel series, both of which are being published by Yen Press. Naoya Fukamachi, a new college student, has a mysterious past, where something otherworldly seems to have happened at a Bon festival. He’s now able to tell if people are lying.

So he likes the fact that his professor, Akira Takatsuki, is someone who keeps telling the truth. Takatsuki studies folklore, and wants to know stories from his students. Naoya turns in a story that really grabs the professor’s attention. The professor wants Naoya to help him as an assistant investigating phenomena.

Takatsuki is a young, handsome man, and his ability to memorize things is astonishing. He can read something once and then recite the whole thing back from memory. However, he’s terrible with maps . . . and common sense. That’s why he needs Naoya’s help.

As they begin investigating, it becomes clear that so-called supernatural events can be explained realistically with a little digging. However, that doesn’t explain what happened to Naoya at the Bon festival, leaving the series open to go the supernatural route.

The two main characters are fun together, and there are some BL vibes going on, though it’s not clear if this series will ever turn into an actual BL. It might just be about two handsome men solving mysteries.

The first volume mainly feels like a setup and an introduction of characters. It has an approachable, easy atmosphere thanks to Professor Takatsuki’s personality, though sometimes it gets a little spooky as strange things happen. Takatsuki wants to know more about Naoya’s special ability, though Naoya doesn’t want to share. It also gets a little into some actual folklore from Japan (like the slit-mouthed woman and Hanako) which could be especially interesting to people new to these stories. If you want good-looking men, folklore and some mystery, Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki’s Conjecture has you covered.

Art: Toji Aio
Original Story: Mikage Sawamura
Character Design: Jiro Suzuki
Publisher: Yen Press
Translator: Katelyn Smith


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