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Are You in a Harem Anime? Learn the Signs Before It’s Too Late

World's End Harem anime

The World’s End Harem anime is on its way, with a full NSFW trailer and promise of Happenings on the horizon. That’s all well and good — but have you noticed signs of similar occurrences in your life? Could you, yourself, be in a harem anime?

Check to see if the signs are there. You might simply be at a weird point in your life, or you could be at the center of a story you are completely oblivious to. Do any of these apply to you?


You Suddenly Have Lots of New Friends

Love Hina

All you did was run into one old friend or classmate. Maybe you studied together, or got together for lunch. Maybe you even went on a date. And them, the harem anime symptom struck: you had tons of new friends. And most, if not all, are now hanging out at your house.

This alone may not be a sign, so check for more specific indicators. Are they all of your preferred gender? Do they have personalities that, while wildly different to each other, are all interesting to you? Have you gone to school withe at least one of them? Are any of them twins? If so, you may have a match.


Love Is Becoming a Pain

Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time

For a lot of us, finding a significant other in the first place is an arduous task. But if you happen to be in a harem anime, you may find yourself with the exact opposite problem: wishing you could get a break from all the dang romance. What a problem to have.

This is especially true if you’re the only person in your friend group with this kind of “luck” in love. Are all the eligible singles flocking to you and completely ignoring your buddies? Are your friends getting kind of angry at you? This could be a strong sign. Also, sleep with one eye open.


Your Situation Is Essential for World Peace

Urusei Yatsura

Or the survival of humanity, or what have you. While not an essential symptom of harem anime life, it’s a strong one if it shows up. Do you have to romance all these girls to keep the population up? Are you now a ladies’ man because of a battle with an alien species? You know what that means.

There’s only one known cure for being a harem anime protagonist: pick one love interest and have a huge wedding. If possible, make it an entire arc, and tie it to a huge quest. Will life get calmer after that? Absolutely not; the rest of the harem will probably move in with you and your spouse. But at least you’ve made your romantic intentions clear.

Good luck out there.

Kara Dennison

Kara Dennison is a writer, editor, and presenter with bylines at Crunchyroll, Sci-Fi Magazine, Sartorial Geek, and many others. She is a contributor to the celebrated Black Archive line, with many other books, short stories, and critical works to her name.