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Anime VA Risa Kubota Retires from Voice Acting

risa kubota

As of July 31, voice actor Risa Kubota has officially retired from the industry. She announced plans to retire on her official Twitter account, followed by confirmation from her agency Mausu Promotion. 

Here’s what Kubota had to say in a hand-written message on Twitter:

“Since joining Mausu Promotion in 2017, I have been able to experience many things as a voice actor. I was able to do so because of everyone involved who believed in me and gave me a chance, and because of all the fans who have supported my life as a voice actor and have walked with me to this day.

“I am truly sorry for the suddenness of this announcement. I have been struggling with my feelings about retiring, but I have finally decided to bring it to an end. The time I spent with you all and the characters I met will be my treasures for the rest of my life. I will carry these treasures with me as I move on to the next stage of my career. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who supported me and everyone involved. I pray that everyone I have met will be able to spend their days with a rich heart and soul in the future.”

Following her debut as Akane in the Cross Summoner mobile game in 2015, Kubota made a name for herself with roles such as Kokoro Momoi in Aikatsu Stars! (above), Iu Shindo in I’m Standing on a Million Lives and Roko Sekino in Dropout Idol Fruit Tart. 

We wish her well in whatever her future endeavors may be!

Via Crunchyroll News