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An Interview with the Creator of Gloomy Bear

Hello, Otaku USA readers, Yunmao Ayakawa here! It will soon be summer, which for me is time for conventions and car racing. Yes, I am both Cosplayer and Race Queen! I am lucky that sometimes those worlds come together, and this year they will do so in the biggest way!

On March 25 in Japan the creator of GLOOMY BEAR, Mori Chack, and AS Racing announced a new project that I am proud to help build and be a part of: GLOOMY RACING GENUS!

My next article in Otaku USA goes into a lot of details, but today here is an exclusive interview with Mori Chack on the new GLOOMY RACING GENUS project! Please enjoy it

Yunmao: Thank you for giving me a chance to interview you today.  You’ve just released the new Gloomy Racing Team project! How do you feel now?

Chack: I was not sure how the plan would come together and I was worried a lot when I first started, but I am so excited and happy to see everything finally come together!

How did you feel when you first heard about the Gloomy racing team project concept? 

Honestly, I thought it was a kind of joke… Oh, of course, I am very pleased with this fun plan, you know.

Were you able to put Gloomy and a racing team together easily?

Yes, it was easy for me once we got a solid concept of the project since I love cars.

You designed a new Gloomy Bear promo illustration in a racing suit!!! This is a dynamic design, how did you get the idea? 

You know; pet owners often make their pets wear costumes… the ones the owners like… so I did the same thing.  I put a costume that I liked on Gloomy.

You also did a great job designing the Racing car. Are there any special features that are unique to the design of the car?

I tried to make the design exciting. For example, AR-Markers are put on the car roof, and using an iPhone application, you can see a 3D Gloomy, standing on top of the car.  So you feel like Gloomy is running around the track.

That’s cool! What is your goal for the racing season?

Becoming the champion!

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It is very fun to customize a car with your favorite characters.  I hope you will have a character-themed car for racing in America, too.

Thank you, Chack!

This ends our interview with Mori Chack! I will have a more detailed report on GLOOMY BEAR GENUS Racing in my Cosplay Café article in Otaku USA magazine, so stay tuned.  And… I will attend the American anime conventions, Anime Mid-Atlantic and JAFAX this summer in my GLOOMY BEAR Race Queen costume to promote GLOOMY RACING GENUS. See you soon!