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AIC ASTA Animates Persona 4 TV Series

Technically Persona 4 was already animated—at least in the form of cutscenes in Atlus’s beloved Playstation 2 role-playing game—but now it’s getting the full TV series treatment.

AIC ASTA (Bamboo Blade, GUNxSWORD) is heading up production, with Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!, My Bride is a Mermaid) planted in the director’s chair. Many pieces of the game’s production remain in place for the anime, including the original voice cast—featuring Daisuke Namikawa as Yu Narukami and Yui Horie as Chie Satonaka, among others—and composer Shoji Meguro.

This isn’t the first time the franchise itself has been adapted into animation. 2008 saw the airing of Persona -trinity soul-, a 26-episode series inspired by 2006’s Persona 3. Though Aniplex confirmed the Persona 4 adaptation, a specific air date hasn’t been announced.

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