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Adore Gore? Call the Mutant Girls Squad!

We’ve gotten a copper-like taste of this deadly combination before in some form, but we’ll really get the chance to see what happens when three wild minds collide in Mutant Girls Squad! The beastly brains of Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police), Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl), and Tak Sakaguchi (star of Versus) are joining to bring us the three-part film, practically guaranteeing a splatterfied good time.

Though Alien vs. Ninja marks the first completed film in Nikkatsu’s cult label, Sushi Typhoon, Mutant Girls Squad will be the first to test public waters, as well as the wallets of gore enthusiasts.

If you’ve never seen a film by any of the above parties before, I urge you to check out Nishimura’s Tokyo Gore Police, if you can stomach it. It’s the perfect example of the kind of low-budget yet highly imaginative effects work these fellas are great at kicking out. For now, enjoy the trailer for Mutant Girls Squad.

Source [Twitch]