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Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Will Showcase Miyazaki’s Works

Ghibli’s Greatest Tearjerkers

After some holdup, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is set to officially open on September 30. Located at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in L.A., the museum will naturally be concentrated on the history of the Oscars. And some of their opening events will revolve around Hayao Miyazaki’s work.

All the movies Miyazaki has directed will be played at the museum, and you have between October 5 and November 27 to catch them. There will also be a Miyazaki exhibit that’s there with help from Studio Ghibli, and it promises to “present more than 200 concept sketches, character designs, storyboards, layouts, cels, backgrounds, film clips, and immersive environments.” There will be items there that have not yet been seen by the outside world. The museum’s gift shop also says it’s going to be selling special Studio Ghibli merchandise.

Source: ANN


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