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A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Anime Sets Start Date

returner's magic should be special

September kicked off with a trailer looking at the lead character of the A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special anime, based on the web novel by Usonan. Now its premiere plans have been narrowed down and fans will be able to check out the adaptation when it kicks off in Japan on October 7.

Check out a new trailer and visual:

Crunchyroll is set to stream A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special as it airs. Taishi Kawaguchi is directing, with Takamitsu Kouno writing and supervising scripts and Hiromi Kato designing characters for the Arvo Animation production.

Yen Press publishes the English version of the manhwa adaptation, featuring art by Wookjakga, and describes it like so:

Shadow Realms have ravaged the earth and decimated almost everyone in their way. The survival of humanity hinges upon the success of just six mages, including analytic fighter Desir Herrman. The remaining heroes make one final stand to end the bloodshed…but to no avail. Desir closes his eyes on what should be the end of his life—only to open them and see the beginning of his school days?! Desir has returned thirteen years back to the past, where he’s been given another chance. A chance to see the loved ones he lost, a chance to meet his fellow warriors again, and a chance to save the world…!

Via Crunchyroll News