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48-Year-Old in Japan Arrested for Stealing Tokyo Revengers Volumes

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Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers manga follows the life-or-death time traveling exploits of high school delinquents, but even they haven’t been depicted stealing manga to the best of our knowledge. Unfortunately, one 48-year-old man in Japan allegedly took it upon himself to do just that, and has been arrested on suspicion of stealing four volumes of Wakui’s series.

Closed-circuit cameras caught the suspect shoplifting in a Sapporo bookstore. Staff alerted the police when he returned to the same shop on October 19, and they apprehended and arrested the man on the spot.

The suspect reportedly told police he has repeatedly stolen manga and used the money “to supplement my living expenses.” Four volumes of Tokyo Revengers doesn’t add up to much in the grand scheme of things, totaling around ¥2,046, or roughly US$18. Since he said he had done this before, Sapporo authorities are now investigating the possibility of additional manga thefts.

As previously reported, the Tokyo Revengers manga sells very well, and its popularity has spawned a TV anime and a very successful live-action movie.

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