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$3,000 Will Get You a Solid Gold Kinnikuman Statue


Do you have a spare three grand lying around? You do? Alright, no need to brag! How about you take that energy and funnel it into an attempt to nab a very special piece of Kinnikuman memorabilia? Starting on July 29, a limited run of 29 gold Kinnikuman statues will be available on the SHOP! Nippon Broadcasting Project store for a hefty ¥412,900 (about US$3,071). 

The reason for the day and the number of statues comes from a very specific pun. When the 29th of the month falls on a Friday, the Japanese Anniversary Society has deemed that day to be Kinnikuman since “Friday the 29th” can be ready as “kinniku” if you get creative with it. “Kin” also means gold, hence the statues and their limited assortment. 

The statue is 1/60 scale, standing at 30mm tall and weighing 13 grams. A serial number is engraved on the foot of each statue, and you can check out the autographed fighting ring display case and a closer look at the statue itself below.

Via Crunchyroll News