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Yuruyuri Spinoff Anime Adds 4 Cast Members


Omuro-ke dear sisters and Omuro-ke dear friends are a pair of short theatrical adaptations for Namori’s Omuro-ke (The Omuro Family) manga, which is a spinoff of her Yuruyuri manga. The 40-minute volumes of anime are scheduled to hit Japanese theaters in 2024, and in the meantime we have four new cast members to look forward to.

Check them out along with their respective character designs, starting with Reo Kurachi as Kokoro Ogawa:

Ayasa Ito voices Mirai Soma:

Aoi Koga voices Misaki Takasaki:

And Suzuko Mimori voices Himawari Furutani:

The new additions join previously announced returning Yuruyuri cast members Chiwa Saito as Nadeshiko Omuro, Emiri Kato as Sakurako Omuro and Rina Hidaka as Hanako Omuro. 

The Omuro-ke dear sisters and Omuro-ke dear friends anime are being directed and storyboarded by Naoyuki Tatsuwa, with Masahiro Yokotani handling scripts and Kazuyuki Ueda handling character designs for the Passione and Studio Lings production. 

Namori’s Yuruyuri manga previously inspired three seasons of anime, all of which streamed on Crunchyroll. Here’s the official synopsis:

YURUYURI follows four students who decide to occupy the room of defunct tea ceremony club, dubbing it the ‘Amusment Club.’ While the Student Council does its best to eliminate this club, their endless energy, happiness and comedy will keep audiences smiling all season long!

Via Anime News Network