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Yuki Yuna is a Hero Inspires New Series of Chibi Anime Shorts

yuki yuna

The fun with Yuki Yuna isn’t over, because there’s a new anime on the horizon in the form of a series of chibi anime shorts. Yuki Yuna is a Hero Churutto! adapts the spinoff manga, which is a spinoff of its own that’s inspired by the Bouquet of Brilliance game. Now the shorts are on the way this April, when episodes will air during MBS and TBS’ Super Animeism block.

DMM.futureworks is on the adaptation alongside W-Toon Studio, which previously worked on chibi series Yuki Yuna is a Hero Club Member. Over 20 character from the game and other Yuki Yuna series are listed on the official website, with more to come and all featuring returning voice talent.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero Churutto! has magical girls from across the generations meeting in one place and time for a big announcement from Club President Fuu Inubosaki. Why has Fuu brought everyone together? To announce the long-awaited Hero Club Udon, of course!

Stay tuned for more on this as we get closer to the April premiere.

Via Comic Natalie