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Yatterman Anime Movie Geared for August

Director Takashi Miike had a lot of success with his colorful live-action adaptation of Tatsunoko Productions’ Yatterman, which has blazed on television screens in both reruns and remakes since its 1977 debut. Four weeks with Miike’s film at #1 at the Japanese box office pretty much sealed the deal on more fresh adventures with the victory-dancing heroes, and their practice of humiliating evildoers will continue in a brand new animated film.

The preview website for the movie promises new Yatter mecha joining the fray. Japanese audiences will be able to see for themselves when Yatterman opens on August 22. I’ll go ahead and jump to the conclusion that, at the very least, two Yatterman features in one year is making 2009 look pretty darn awesome.

Source [2channel via ANN]