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Tsugumomo Anime Has Second Season Planned for 2020


Based on the manga by Yoshikazu Hamada, the first season of the Tsugumomo anime premiered back in April of 2017. Now, according to an update on the series’ official website, a second season is lined up for a 2020 premiere.

Ryōichi Kuraya will direct and work on series composition once again, with Zero-G returning to handle animation production. The second season will be called Tsugu Tsugumomo.

There’s also a crowdfunding campaign on the way this week to fund a new OVA comprised of slightly “ecchi” content that wouldn’t otherwise be suitable for television broadcast standards. The ¥3 million (about $26,800) goal aims to cover an original video anime with around a 10-minute runtime. They plan to bundle the OVA with a manga in 2020 if the campaign is successful before it ends on April 26.

Here’s Toei’s announcement promo, which also sums up the first season:

Crunchyroll streamed the first season as it aired. Here’s how they describe it:

One day Kagami Kazuya, a completely ordinary boy, suddenly encounters Kiriha, a beautiful girl in a kimono. Even though Kazuya has no recollection of meeting her before, Kiriha calls out “Long time no see” to him. It turns out Kiriha is actually a tsukumogami whose true identity is the precious obi Kazuya carries around that used to belong to his late mother. All kinds of bizarre phenomena unfold around the sadistic beauty Kiriha in this supernatural action comedy!

Source: Official website via Anime News Network