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Trailer for Takeshi Kitano’s Outrage is Outrageous

Well, it’s outrageous in the sense that it’s outrageously exciting to see Beat Takeshi (Hana-bi, Sonatine) returning to his classic hard-boiled style of filmmaking. Outrage looks primed to do just that, and you can see for yourself as the trailer just recently surfaced online.

If you’re a fan of the legendary man’s work, or even if you’re just now discovering him, give the trailer of his latest film a gander via the source link below. Personally, Kitano could just walk in a room with an emotionless glare and I’d be glued to the screen, so this is a treat and a half.

Outrage has all the marks of a classic yakuza tale of betrayal. It will be competing in the main competition at Cannes Film Festival next month, and will be released collaboratively by Office Kitano and Warner Bros. on June 12, 2010 in Japan.

Source [Nippon Cinema]