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My Neighbour Totoro Is Returning—Here’s Why to Grab Tickets

My Neighbour Totoro is coming back! Here's why you need to take advantage of the show's return

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s staging of My Neighbour Totoro was one of the hottest tickets in London. And later this year, it’s returning! Grabbing tickets for this celebrated stage show will be difficult, but also hugely worth the attempt.

If you’re wondering whether to get on the site and keep hitting Reload on opening day, all signs point to yes. But if you need a little more convincing, allow us to point out some solid reasons to jump on:


A Stellar Crew

Considering My Neighbour Totoro is being staged by the RSC, there’s already a lot of prestige attached to it. But that’s not the only big name behind the production. Joe Hisaishi—as in the composer for the original film—is the producer. Tom Morton-Smith, who penned the 2015 play Oppenheimer and many more stage and screen productions, adapts the film.

The talents hail from around the world, including celebrated costume designer Kimie Nakano and revolutionary puppeteer Basil Twist. And there’s one more name attached that you’re likely to know…


The Puppets

One of the puppets from My Neighbour Totoro

Those who have seen the show all agree: the puppetry is astounding. And that’s the work of many people, including puppeteers and choreographers. Supplying these puppets, for everyone from Totoro to the local wildlife, is Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

The legendary studio brings goats, chickens, soot sprites, and (of course) the kindly forest spirits into being. Then, the skilled puppeteers breathe life into them onstage. You may have noticed that photos of the title character are a bit hard to find online. In fact, you’ll only catch his shadow in the trailer above. From what we’ve heard, he has to be seen to be believed!


Tickets Will Go Fast

from My Neighbour Totoro

Back in May of last year, My Neighbour Totoro set records for Barbican ticket sales. Prior to this, Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch was the venue’s biggest seller. On the first day of pre-sales, the Barbican sold 30,000 tickets! And that was back when fans just had a general idea and some photos. With all the award nominations and good press, tickets are likely to go even faster this time around.

From everything we’ve heard, though, this production warrants the hype. From gorgeous sets and puppets to a veritable who’s who of creatives, this play aims to impress. And the reviews are in: it succeeds. So if you have the ability to do so, don’t miss out on the return of this hot ticket!

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