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TOHO animation Teaser Trailer Hypes Music Film Series Anime Project

toho animation

One aspect of TOHO animation’s 10th anniversary celebration is a music film series, which has acclaimed artists and animators uniting to produce collaborative music videos with gorgeous anime visuals. Among the contributors are Japanese rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN, Attack on Titan director Tetsuro Araki and more, and TOHO animation shared a special teaser trailer to briefly highlight some of the scenes. 

The five films will start their daily release on March 20, and you can check out the preview below.

Videos in the works include:

  • “COLORs”: Directed by Tetsuro Araki (Attack on Titan seasons 1-3), with music by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] and Motohiro Hata, character designs by Mai Yoneyama (KIZNAIVER) and animation production by WIT Studio.
  • UNTITLED: Directed by Namiko Ishidate (Penguin Highway animation director), with music by Ryokuoushoku Shakai.
  • “Semi”: Directed by Mizuki Ito (Takano Intersection), with music by Hentai Shinshi Club.
  • “Rin to”: Directed by China (Mafu Mafu’s “Sore wo Ai to Yobu dake” music video), with music by CreepHyp and animation production by TOHO animation STUDIO.
  • “Tentai Kansoku”: Directed by loundraw (Summer Ghost), with music by BUMP OF CHICKEN and animation production by FLAT STUDIO. 

Via Crunchyroll News