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The Fiery Tale of Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- is Now Available on Switch

tengoku struggleFeatured Spotlight: Aksys Games

It’s time to lose yourself in the fires of a new level of tension between Heaven and Hell. Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- has arrived on Nintendo Switch, and you can buy it now through Aksys Games for one of the most immersive stories of the year right now.

Following an agreement between the Human and Hell realms, Asakusa has become a tourist attraction, offering an opportunity for the living to meet the dead. A group of prisoners manage to escape, however, thanks to a Spider’s Thread that dropped from Heaven. King Enma puts his novice Hell Guardian daughter, Rin, to task along with Goemon Ishikawa and other trustworthy prisoners in an effort to round up the escapees.

After descending, the newly-formed team soon finds former prisoner of Hell Shinobikuni hosting an event that serves as the reveal of a pardoning app. The app’s purpose? To forgive people for their sins. How will this affect both the people promised entry into Heaven and the mission at hand? What is Shinobikuni really up to? There’s only one way to find out!

An unforgettable set of characters await at the core of this gripping story, and you can see—and shape—how it all goes down right now. Order Tengoku Struggle
and get ready for an experience that will shake the heavens and unleash Hell upon your Switch.

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