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The Center for Book Arts to Showcase Garo Covers

The Center for Book Arts has a pretty interesting exhibit lined up this year. Starting on April 14, they will be displaying every issue of famed Japanese manga anthology Garo. The show will run until June 26 at their location in New York City.

Here’s an excerpt of the details, more of which are available on their website.

This exhibition presents the work and development of Garo during this seminal period. The core of the exhibition will be each and every issue of Garo, from its first issue in September 1964 to its 120th issue in December 1973… Exhibition cases will be used to display a number of individual Garo volumes open, showing representative moments in the history of the magazine and the work of important artists.

I can’t imagine I’ll be passing this up. Anyone else in the area (or visiting) planning to attend this at some point during its run?

Source [AICN Anime’s Scott Green]