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Teaser Appears for Yudai Yamaguchi’s Elite Yankee Saburo

Yudai Yamaguchi, what a wild filmography you have. You’re so hardcore, you don’t even have a Wikipedia page! After slammin’ skulls with madball movies like Battlefield Baseball and Meatball Machine, Yamaguchi is coming strong with his latest flick, Elite Yankee Saburo (Gekijo-ban: Erito Yanki Saburo), due out in Japan sometime next year.

Things get particularly awesome around the :50 mark, making me want to see the full feature as soon as possible. I have to agree with Todd over at Twitch that this looks somewhat similar to Yamaguchi’s own live-action adaptation of Cromartie High School, but more out-of-this-world school action from this mad man is always welcome. Check out the trailer embedded below, right before the source link:

Source [Twitch]