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TASOKARE HOTEL Mobile Game Inspires Anime Adaptation

tasokare hotel

An anime adaptation was revealed for the TASOKARE HOTEL mobile game today, with premiere plans penciled in for January 2025. The adaptation will have Kousuke Fujishima as director, with Yuko Hariba on character and costume design, as well as chief direction alongside Minefumi Harada, Yuki Yabuta and Fumiya Uehara. Tsujiyo/sugarbeans are behind the music for the PRA production.

Original author and concept creator, Benoma Ray and SEEC, commented on the announcement:

“I am greatly honored to announce that TASOKARE HOTEL will be adapted into an anime. To all those who have loved the original work and to those who will encounter this story through the anime, I express my heartfelt gratitude.”

“The anime version incorporates developments that add unique charm only possible in this medium.

We have crafted a work that will bring new surprises and emotions even to fans of the original.”

“I hope that the story of TASOKARE HOTEL resonates with your hearts and that you enjoy it. Please look forward to it. Thank you for your continued support.”

Official teaser:

The main cast was also revealed:

  • Neko Tsukahara: Rika Momokawa
  • Atori Haruto: Koudai Sakai
  • Masaki Osoto: Yusuke Shirai
  • Hotel Manager: Kanehira Yamamoto
  • Ruri: Yuki Nagano
  • Menow: Natsue Sasamoto
  • Kiriko: Takashi Narumi


“TASOKARE HOTEL” is a hotel that is engulfed in twilight all day long, with no distinction between day and night.

It exists as a place between life and death, where souls unable to decide whether to move on to the afterlife or return to the present world can rest their wings.

The protagonist, Neko Tsukahara, wanders into “TASOKARE HOTEL” without remembering who she is or why she’s there.

Guided by the hotel staff, she is led to her room.

“There should be items related to the customer’s memories in the room. These might serve as clues to help the customer regain their memories.”

While searching for a way to return to the present world and remembering who she is, she encounters a certain incident…

Source: Press Release