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Super Psychic Policeman Chojo Brings Buddy Cop Comedy to Shonen Jump

Super Psychic Policeman Chojo

There’s a bit of a change-up in the pages of Shonen Jump over the last couple weeks. With Martial Master Asumi and Cipher Academy both completed, we’re due for a couple new titles. While one debuts tomorrow, we’ve already gotten our first dose of another: Super Psychic Policeman Chojo, a new action-comedy series from manga artist Shun Numa.

While it’s still early days, we can tell the vibe of this manga is going to be pretty fun. Here are a few reasons you should add it to your weekly reading order:


A History of Odd Couples

Samon the Summoner

Super Psychic Policeman Chojo artist Shun Numa has more than a few titles already published. That includes the original Policeman Chojo one-shot from last year, as well as several other short subjects. Notably, though, there’s also Samon the Summoner, which launched in 2015. Years before the Shonen Jump app and simulpubbed manga being the norm, the first three chapters of this series were simulpubbed as part of Viz’s JUMP START initiative. So you may have vague memories of this if you’re a long-time manga reader.

Samon the Summoner focuses on a very normal girl named Teshigawara, who becomes the target of the eponymous Samon. Her classmates regard her as an angel, and Samon can’t resist watching good people get corrupted. However, his constant demon-summoning gets him on the bad side of the demon realm.


Psychic Powers

Welcome to the Shonen Jump lineup!

As with Samon the Summoner, Super Psychic Policeman Chojo is about a paranormally-powered guy and a normal (albeit still exceptional) girl. Except instead of being classmates working at cross-purposes, they’re partners!

In the world of the manga, psychic investigators are everywhere, but not all of them can get the best gigs. That includes Meguru Chojo, whose main work appears to be solving minor problems in the entertainment district of “Chinjuku.” His new partner, Nao Ippongi, brushes off her friends’ warnings that psychic detectives are notorious perverts—when she really should have been more worried about his bad attitude, his lack of respect, and his seemingly antisocial behavior.


Opposites Attract

Meguru and Nao

But there’s more to both of these characters than meets the eye. Nao’s cuteness hides some serious judo strength: strength she finds herself falling back on more than most people would like. And despite Chojo’s seeming misanthropy, he does possess some capability for empathy. The local roughs can’t stand him, but he’s won over the local kids. And, it seems, Nao.

How will their adventures progress? What’s next for the duo? Start reading Super Psychic Policeman Chojo in Shonen Jump and find out!

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