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Suicide Squad ISEKAI: Our Three Biggest Questions (So Far)

Suicide Squad Isekai is underway, and we have a few questions

Suicide Squad ISEKAI is underway, and… well, it’s certainly an interesting take. Combining popular (and less popular) DC universe villains with other-world fantasy, this new anime series is bending genres as it plays out its story. But what’s really going on here? How will it end? And just how faithful to the vibe will it continue to be?

With four episodes currently available to watch, we have a few questions about this new series. Will we get answers? Or just more questions? Will you be watching along to find out?


How brutal will it be?

Harley gets violent

Suicide Squad ISEKAI is, as the name suggests, inspired by the Suicide Squad franchise. One of the big things about this villain/antihero team is that they are disposable. If they succeed in the mission they’ve been saddled with, they get a reduced sentence. If they die in the process, or get their heads blown off by the little compliance bomb in their necks, no big deal. James Gunn’s 2021 film in particular went all-out with main character mortality, sparing a scant few (and giving Peacemaker a spinoff). But will the anime?

We’re certain Harley will get home because, even in the films, she has plot armor. And we’ve seen one DC character die so far, albeit offscreen. (We won’t say which.) But the question remains: will the name of the series hold true? Part of the fun of the story is knowing that no one is truly safe (except Harley). With one fatality already, there’s at least a chance.


What’s Clayface got to worry about?


It was a little weird to see Clayface show up in Suicide Squad ISEKAI, for a lot of reasons. He’s not an unpopular character, having been a DC baddie since the comic book publisher’s Golden Age. He’s even made appearances in more modern series. But there’s one significant problem with putting him in the Suicide Squad: he’s not really got anything to worry about. His whole deal is that his body is malleable clay. So if the bomb in his neck goes off, he’s got an out.

Now, on arrival, Clayface was equipped with an apparatus that nullified his ability. Perhaps, until the helicopter crashed and everything went off the rails, the plan was to leave that on him. Though that would mean they’re just bringing along a normal, untalented guy. That said, his presence does allow someone in the group to know what isekai is… but what about the rest?


Who was in the bag?

Princess Fione

Besides the DC baddies and antiheroes, Suicide Squad ISEKAI has introduced Princess Fione and other characters from its fantasy world. But there’s one we haven’t met: the girl who opened the portal. Wrapped up in some sort of body bag, she was used as a focus by A.R.G.U.S. to open a path between worlds. All we know is that she’s female.

Right now, we’re leaning toward the girl in the bag being DC supervillain Enchantress. We know she’ll appear in the series (albeit we don’t know yet in what capacity), she possesses a huge amount of magic, and the interdimensional portal was very green. But could the girl be someone else? Someone related to Fione and the royal family? Someone else entirely? Hopefully at some point we’ll find out.

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