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SSF2THDR Beta Now Available!

Kudos to anyone that can look at that acronym without blinking an eye. To the rest of you, who are all probably much more fortunate and less mentally mutated than the rest of us, the Super Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix beta is now available via Xbox Live!

We, along with pretty much everyone else, have been talking this up for quite a while. Those of you with a mighty memory might even recall Chris Scantleberry’s interview with the game’s producer, Rey Jimenez, way back in our third issue. Well, the time has officially come for all of us to dive in and help Capcom stress test the online components of this bad boy, and if you bought Commando 3 on Xbox Live Arcade, then you’ll be able to give both Ryu and Ken a spin in the online arena against other players.

Just to clarify: yes, you need to buy a game to play the beta. That’s fine, Commando 3 is pretty enjoyable (we’ll have a review up on the website soon). Here’s the information for gaining access to the beta, straight from the mouths of Capcom:

Step 1: Buy Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 for 800 MS Points

Step 2: Select the “SFII HD Remix Beta�VbCrLf option on the main menu of Wolf

Step 3: You will be taken to a download blade where you can confirm your download.

Step 4: Once the Beta has finished downloading, head to the “Games�VbCrLf blade on your 360

Step 5: Fire up SSFIITHDR in the Demos section on the Games blade and enjoy the online multiplayer goodness!