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Skip Beat! Kickstarter Ends in Success

This weekend saw the end of Pied Piper Inc.’s Skip Beat! Kickstarter, which was a resounding success. Not only did the campaign go well beyond its initial $155,000 goal, ending with a total of $224,546, it unlocked the Blu-ray stretch goal. That means everyone who pledged within the $100+ tiers will be upgraded to a Blu-ray/DVD combo set. 

Now that the campaign is over, we can take a look at the full English dub cast list. Members of the dub cast were announced periodically as stretch goals were met, and the campaign’s end brought with it a handy little graphic listing them alongside their respective characters.

A thank you message from Mela, Cristina, and the voice of Kanae, Erica Lindbeck:

While the campaign is over, Pied Piper is currently taking more pledges via PayPal.