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Shirobako Film Ad Campaign Sends Us Into Momentary Panic

Shirobako Film Ad Campaign Sends Us Into Momentary PanicWhew, that was scary.

A very meta ad campaign for the upcoming Shirobako film just threw us into momentary shock — and judging from the reaction online, we’re not the only ones.

The ad, which plays on Shirobako’s blend of reality and fiction, exclaims that “we don’t have enough animators, and might not be able to finish the film at this rate!”

Look closely, though, and you’ll notice the ad is from Musabi Animation, the fictional studio portrayed in the series.

Scroll down a little more and breathe a sigh of relief. The film isn’t in danger: it’s all a clever bit of promotion.

The idea is for fans to draw a Shirobako-related picture, follow the franchise’s official Twitter account, and upload their illustration with the tag #shirobako_gengaman.

The layout form and general information on the promo campaign is here. A total of 63 prizes will be awarded, though what exactly is on offer hasn’t been announced yet. 

Unfortunately, it looks like prizes are limited to those living in Japan, but it still might be fun to participate! At the very least, scrolling through the hashtag gives us a look at what Shirobako fans are up to.

The Shirobako film hits theaters in Japan on February 29.

Source: Otakomu

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