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Sharedol Launches as New Idol Anime Project from Toei and Sotsu


A new idol project is on the way as a collaboration between Toei Animation and advertising agency Sotsu, merging two of the roughly 15 proposals put together by Toei’s new R&D team, PEROS (Prototyping and Experimental Research in Oizumi Studio) and young producers from Sotsu. The results are Sharedol, which has a pilot film on the way on October 25.

Toei proposed the idea of a story that follows a young man who timeleaps into a world that fuses the near future and the Edo period, while Sotsu proposed a story about an idol who travels back to the Edo period. The pilot came together by combining these concepts into one, and it’s currently set to stream on YouTube.

Sharedol runs with that story and depicts idol activities of girls who have their own unique problems, and is based on the idea of “What if we used the knowledge of modern idols to produce Edo girls?” Further information on the main cast has yet to be announced, but in addition to the visual above we have a look at the design of the as-yet-unnamed lead.

The press release describes her as “an energetic girl who is curious and unafraid to put her all into what’s in front of her.” 

Via Crunchyroll