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Rail Romanesque Season 2 Set for October Premiere

rail romanesque

Back in October 2020, the first season debuted for the Rail Romanesque anime, a short form TV series based on the Maitetsu: Pure Station visual novel. Now it’s set to return with a second season in October 2023, and a new key visual has arrived to hype up the continuing adaptation.

Key visual:

Michiru Ebira is directing, with Hiroaki Satou on character designs and Tsuyoshi Ogata serving as art director at anime production house Yokohama Animation Laboratory. Rail Romanesque season 2 also adds Rie Tanaka to the cast as Kaniko.

Crunchyroll streams the Rail Romanesque anime and describes it like so:

The first Maitetsu Festival, an event for young ladies who represent train engines and railway lines, also known as Railords, has arrived. Inspired by the incoming fleet, Suzushiro decides to host a summit for Railords to share their trains of thought. 

Via Crunchyroll News