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Radiant Tale Weaves Fantasy Like No Other on Nintendo Switch

radiant taleFeatured Spotlight: Aksys Games

Life comes at you when you least expect it, and the last thing Tifalia expected was for a dragon to suddenly crash-land right into her! This marks her introduction to a performance troupe known as CIRCUS, and it’s just the beginning of her wild and romantic adventure in Radiant Tale, now available to experience for yourself on Nintendo Switch.

CIRCUS is loaded with performers, but they make for what one might consider to be a truly dysfunctional troupe. After a particularly poor performance, CIRCUS finds an unlikely partner in Tifalia, who might be able to help them if they recruit her as a producer.

Tifalia has her work cut out for her in CIRCUS, though. From the aforementioned dragon—who is more silly than scary—to a prickly clown who won’t make you laugh, an acrobat who can’t quite figure out how to entertain, an unmotivated leader and beyond, it’s going to take a ton of effort to get this troupe to master the ring and create their greatest performance yet.

With your help, Tifalia just might be up to the task, and even when the troupe has trouble entertaining it’s always a thrill to see how this story unfolds. Find out what happens on the way to guiding CIRCUS to success in Radiant Tale, and order your copy on Nintendo Switch today!

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