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Preview the New Edition of Astro Boy Manga Online

Contrary to Daryl Surat’s belief, he is not the only one that purchased every volume of Dark Horse’s release of Osamu Tezuka’s legendary Astro Boy manga. I might, in fact, be the other one. Well, no matter whether you only partially collected the books or never got a chance to start at all, Dark Horse’s new edition combines volumes for a two-in-one experience that’s likely to please both the more-for-your-money crowd and the diabolical collector crowd that will proudly covet the original format.

In case you want to see for yourself, the website of Publishers Weekly is hosting a 12-page preview that showcases the wondrous robot’s origin story in al its glory. If the series’ classic status has piqued your curiosity over the years, go ahead and take that first dip into Tezuka’s sci-fi world. Everyone else, feel free to revisit the tale or pick the collection of volumes one and two when it’s released this month.

Source [ANN]