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Oreimo Ends; Finale Shocks, Horrifies

The full title of Oreimo translates to “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!”, which is probably one of the reasons people opt to call it “Oreimo” while other non-otaku human beings are within speaking distance. A title that so openly teases incestuous fantasies can lead to some… touchy conversations, shall we say. The final book of the light novel series hit this week, and, well, you know what we say in journalism: anything that leads to people setting books on fire is probably worth talking about.

The following is a loose transcript of a conversation between two Otaku USA contributors reacting to this news. Spoilers follow; you’ve been warned.

Whoa. I’ve got a story here. I’m not sure it’s runnable but this is hilarious. Oreimo ended with the dude getting with his sister.

The main dude?

Yeah, the main dude. People are outraged.

I thought that was what people wanted?

Technically, but it seems a lot of people hate the sister. Okay, check it out.

This is a story.

I know, right? The thing is, neither of us really have any great understanding of Oreimo, so I’m gonna try and sort it out myself.

(Some time passes.)

Okay, so I think the image is a fakeout. They’re saying he ends up with nobody at all; that would REALLY explain why people are so mad.


Okay, wait, so I think the image is real. I found the spoilers. All the girls confess one after the other, he rejects all of them, he proposes to his sister. They marry in secret and agree never to tell anybody about it. They resume their normal lives and pledge to be normal siblings.

WHAAAT?! Why is this news changing before my eyes?!

So that’s about the size of it, ladies and gents; the other extremely important fictional wedding of the last couple weeks. I’d give Oreimo credit for having the stones to follow through to the logical conclusion of an uncomfortable premise, but like so many anime/manga, it wusses out with a loophole and resets itself. Final rating: One out of two stones.

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